First Family Photo Session: The Edens

This is a family photography shoot. If you’re just here for gluten free goodness, scroll on past or check out my recipe menu. Thank you!

Its difficult to have real friends as an adult. Shouting over kids screaming during a play date doesn’t always make it smooth sailing. Moving to Mobile was rough and I felt very lonely at first.

Like many other times in my life, I spent time on my knees praying and pleading for God to send me a friend. I love when God opens the flood gates and those prayers are answered in abundance. It doesn’t always happen that way, of course, but when it does I just count my many blessings and remember to thank Him.

One friendship that has literally been a healing balm for me has been my friendship with dear Ila. (Her name is beautiful huh?) Our husbands met when they were interviewing. They got chatting and were pleasantly surprised to find out that they were both “Mormon”. Then they had interviews at the same time the next day. Our husbands get along, our four boys love each other and us wives have a ball every time we get together. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR?! ha ha

Without further ado, let me introduce you to The Edens Family ♡. Thanks for letting me use your cute family for practice. 

I wish I could share all their photos with you. I love that these photos show off how beautiful Mobile, Alabama is. I took these on the Campus of University of South Alabama and at a public library. You probably won’t believe me, but this is the least beautiful time of year… and its still gorgeous! You should visit here. You really should.

Thanks guys!



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