Finished First Week

There is so much going on over here as we are wrapping up our time in Mobile. I feel like I’m trying to have dinner with all our friends and not be a ball of tears every time someone talks about us moving. I figured I would grow fond of this place over time, but I had no idea it was going to be this hard to leave. We have grown and changed here. In some ways I felt like our family fell apart here and came back together stronger than it had ever been. We learned to be our own family here. We forged forever friendships. I have grown as a woman and mother in ways that I didn’t know I needed to. I have learned more about what it means to be a wife, friend, and companion to my husband. I have had the darkest days of my adult life here and the happiest. It has been a journey I shall never forget.

So last week I shared with you that I was READY to begin the weight-loss journey again. I want to share how that is going. It started out really good last week. Then my husband had a three day weekend and somehow it knocked me off my grove. Weight loss is such a fragile thing. We can have so many good days but one bad day can derail our momentum. Saturday and Sunday I don’t know what happened but I just dropped the ball tracking, but Sunday night I dust off and got back up. I’m so grateful for new days and new chances. If you felt like you went away from your goals this week, I hope you realize you have the power to get back up and try again. Hope is never lost. This is the journey of life. We must get more comfortable getting back in the saddle. I don’t believe anyone can truly be successful without mastering the art of not letting setbacks take them out of the arena.

When we embark on the journey of weight loss we must be moving towards progress, never perfection. The idea of all-or-nothing use to lead me to eating two batches of cookies in one day and no cookies the next. It was a miserable place where I didn’t feel like I trusted myself. I felt that I was controlled by whatever food was around me. That is a such a helpless place to be. I’ve learned in recent years that God doesn’t just help those who are trying to break chains of addiction from drugs and pornography, he can help me break from the chains I sometimes feel with food. He won’t give up on you. Dont give up on him.

So today I have only lost 1 pound in the last week. By Friday I had lost 3 pounds, but I gained two back over the weekend. I know that water weight and sodium consumption can be deceiving so I weigh myself the same time every day – first thing in the morning. Healthy weight loss for me has never been a perfect descending line, it has always been up, down, down, up….etc.

I ran 12 miles last week, ate more fruits and vegetables, and had several ‘victory moments’ when I said no to food to calm anxiety or curve boredom.

Those gains are exciting and I feel good. I am excited for this week. How did you do? If you want to join me on myfitnesspal, my user name is snivipaige. 😀

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